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Crime Scene, 11.30
Among reports filed with police:

Damage to properties

* 1500 block of Amherst Street, Brunswick: A man reported someone damaged his air conditioner Thursday. The officers initially responded to a call about a gas leak, but it was later determined to be from an air conditioner line being cut. The copper tubing was taken out of the unit. The damage was estimated to be less than $500.


* 2400 block of Gloucester Street, Brunswick: A woman reported someone stole her purse from her vehicle Tuesday. She said she was filling her vehicle up with gas, and while she was inside paying, someone entered the vehicle and stole the purse. It contained $32 in cash.

* 2700 block of Johnston Street, Brunswick: A man reported someone stole a refrigerator from his rental property Tuesday. He said he evicted a female earlier that day. He sent her a text message asking where the refrigerator was, but she replied that she thought the complainant picked it up. It was valued at $500.

* Alltel at 710 Glynn Isles, Brunswick: A man reported someone stole a cell phone from the business Monday. By viewing video surveillance of the suspect, the responding officer was able to determine the identification of the suspect. No arrests were made. The phone was valued at $216.

* Sears Towing and Recovery at 2716 Norwich Street, Brunswick: A man reported someone stole wheels and tires from the business Saturday. He said the tires were in a fenced-in area. They were valued at $200.


* 2500 block of Norwich Street Lane, Brunswick: A woman reported someone entered her house and stole property Monday. She said entry was gained through a window by prying it open. The stolen property included two necklaces, a set of house keys, a pack of beer and $60.

- Nick Nichols

The Brunswick News

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