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Crime Scene, 2.09
Among reports filed with police:


* Sears at 300 Mall Blvd., Glynn County: A man reported a female suspect shoplifted from the store Thursday. The suspect was arrested and charged with shoplifting.

* 7400 block of Blythe Island Highway, Glynn County: A woman reported someone stole a wallet from her bedroom Tuesday. She said two people had been at the residence that day, but she did not suspect either of them. The wallet was on her bed. It was valued at $20.

* 900 block of Old Jesup Road, Glynn County: A woman told police someone stole her utility trailer Tuesday. She said the trailer contained medical equipment valued at $85,000.


* Bearden Drive, Glynn County: A woman reported someone stole her cell phone from her house Wednesday. She said the home was unlocked at the time of the burglary. When she arrived home she noticed the door was open and the lights were on. The phone was valued at $200.

* 300 block of Needwood Road, Glynn County: A woman reported someone entered her house and stole prescription medicine Tuesday. She said she did not have any visitors over who would have known where the medicine was located. The medicine was valued at $35.


* 100 block of Westway Drive, Glynn County: A man reported a male suspect assaulted him Tuesday. He said the suspect approached a woman at the location and commended her on her looks. The complainant scolded the suspect, and the suspect approached the complainant in a threatening manner.

Problem with persons

* 200 block of Nell Leone Drive, Glynn County: A male and female suspect were arrested for criminal damage to property and criminal trespass damage Tuesday. The suspects threw the complainant's cell phone on the ground breaking it. They also poured bleach on the complainant's shirt.

-- Nick Nichols

The Brunswick News

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