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Crime Scene, 3.23
Among reports filed with police:


* Belk at 200 Mall Blvd., Glynn County: A man reported someone concealed assorted men's clothes and attempted to leave the store Thursday. He said the juvenile male suspect attempted to flee when the complainant approached him. He ran up to one of the locked doors and due to the speed at which he approached the door, he broke the glass pane and fell through. He was uninjured from the fall and was later released to his mother. The door was valued at $400.

* Walmart at 150 Altama Connector, Glynn County: A man reported a female suspect shoplifted from the store Thursday. He said the suspect took jewelry, a mattress cover and food items all valued at $166 and attempted to leave the store. The complainant stopped the suspect, and she was arrested for shoplifting.

* 1800 block of Bruce Drive, St. Simons Island: A man reported someone entered three vehicles and stole contents from inside Thursday. He said a camera, two GPS units, a knife, a tablet computer, an electronic charger and a pair of binoculars were missing. Two of the vehicles were locked, but one was unlocked before the theft. He said the suspect may have made entry to the locked vehicles by using hidden keys. The stolen items were valued at $1,093.

* Hornet Drive, Glynn County: A woman told police someone stole a center cap from her vehicle Thursday. The cap was valued at $50. The officer asked if it was possible that the cap fell off but she said it was secured by screws.

* Glynn Marsh Drive, Glynn County: A woman told police a female suspect used her bank account and forced the complainant to sign her house over to the suspect Wednesday. She said the suspect was her home health care provider. She said her debit card and food stamp card were also misused by the suspect.

-Nick Nichols

The Brunswick News

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