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Shelter pets ready for new home
The Brunswick News

Beverly Morris walks down the row of kennels at the Glynn County Animal Services facility and the place comes alive. Barks of every variety ring out – loud bellows from a Great Dane and sharp yelps from terrier puppies.

Morris, the director of Animal Services, walks up to one kennel, occupied by a brown, mixed-breed dog, and stops. Kneeling, she speaks softly to the frightened animal.

"This is Bannister. He's just a sad dog," Morris said, opening the door to the kennel. Slowly, the dog steps out and his tail begins to wag.

He's so sweet. He was surrendered to us when his owner went to hospice," she said.

"He came in with another dog, Rusty, and Rusty was adopted. Bannister really needs a good home."

He's not alone. Bannister is one of a multitude of animals at the Animal Control shelter at 4765 U.S. 17 North. Like the others, he needs a new home.

Glynn County Animal Services Director Beverly Morris pets Bannister, one of the adoptable dogs at the center. (Photo by Bobby Haven/The Brunswick News)
Morris and the shelter staff try to make that happen by posting images of the animals online and taking them out in a van, in hopes of finding an instant owner. With the variety of dogs and cats at the shelter, there should be a pet for every person who is looking for one.

High cholesterol
affects pets also
High cholesterol is commonly considered a problem that only affects animals of the human persuasion. However, high cholesterol levels can also compromise the cardiovascular health of pets as well.

Hyperlipidermia, or high cholesterol, is excessive amounts of fat or fatty substances present in the bloodstream. Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is produced in the liver in order to digest fats from one's diet. Cholesterol is carried through the blood to various organs through large molecules called lipoproteins. There are different types of lipoproteins, each responsible for different tasks.

Amelia Dahl, 18 months, of Louisville, Ky., pets one of the goats on display in the 4H Exhibit Hall at the Kentucky State Fair Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012 at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville, Ky. (AP Photo)

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