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Glynn County property transfers involving a monetary exchange recorded the week of July 1 through July 4 by the Glynn County Superior Court Clerk of Courts:

Seller: Queensborough National

Buyer: 2352 Ocean Road SSI LLC

Price: $1,450,000

Location: East Beach

Seller: Oak Grove Island Limited

Buyer: Wayne F. Vashaw

Price: $182,600

Location: Oak Grove Island Plantation

Seller: George Bradley Park

Buyer: Kaarin MacKinnon

Price: $438,000

Location: Villas at Coast Cottages

Seller: James Curtis Manning III

Buyer: Madris Depasture

Price: $1,500

Location: New Town

Seller: Margaret G. Palmer

Buyer: David Mulry

Price: $163,000

Location: Gene Waters Property

Seller: MTR Real Estate Services

Buyer: Nita G. Young

Price: $139,100

Location: Winstead

Seller: Thomas Martin Smith

Buyer: Elizabeth D. Kramer

Price: $196,500

Location: Notting Hill West

Seller: Jill M. Brockington

Buyer: Christopher H. Ashbridge

Price: $229,000

Location: Ratcliffe Lake

Seller: Generation Mortgage

Buyer: Allen Construction & Development

Price: $199,000

Location: St. Simons Heights

Seller: Jodi R. Allison

Buyer: Michael David McMillan

Price: $262,000

Location: Simonton Court

Seller: Patrick L. Deason

Buyer: John C. Dills Jr.

Price: $200,000

Location: South Creek

Seller: Bank of the Ozarks

Buyer: W. Lane Chambers

Price: $25,000

Location: Golden Isles Marina Dock Condominium

Seller: Audrey A. Wasdin

Buyer: Bryan P. Szychowski

Price: $235,000

Location: Carriage Gate Plantation

Seller: Thomas M. Baker

Buyer: Brent A. Duffy

Price: $165,000

Location: Cameron Place

Seller: Abbie L. Haws

Buyer: Clifford R. Bohl

Price: $94,000

Location: Planting Hammock

Seller: Samuel David Hamby

Buyer: Todd Hendrix

Price: $76,000

Location: St. Simons Heights

Seller: Agnes Jones

Buyer: Annabelle Beasley

Price: $41,000

Location: A.B. Foreman Home

Seller: Kathleen M. Kirby

Buyer: Delores Howard

Price: $145,000

Location: Mackay Place

Seller: Lowe and Company Inc.

Buyer: Wanda K. Richardson

Price: $40,000

Location: Town Commons

Seller: DC Ivestment Association

Buyer: David W. Curtis

Price: $460,700

Location: Kings Point

Seller: Allen Construction & Development

Buyer: Lisa P. Evans

Price: $640,000

Location: Island Retreat

Seller: JAB Enterprises LLP

Buyer: LABR Realty LLC

Price: $450,000

Location: Frederica Township

Seller: Linda Alexander

Buyer: Ronald L. Campbell

Price: $32,000

Location: Thirty Three Acre

Seller: Thomas E. Dennard Jr.

Buyer: Carolyn H. Kelly

Price: $150,000

Location: Sea Palms Colony Condominium

Seller: William Rob Vickers

Buyer: Picket Fence Porperties LLC

Price: $85,000

Location: Sinclair Pointe

Seller: Five Star Credit Union

Buyer: Folly Holdings Inc.

Price: $5,000

Location: Glynn Haven Estates

Seller: Michael C. Jacobus

Buyer: Marvin J. Applegate

Price: $318,000

Location: Southern Landing

Seller: Milton Albert St. John III

Buyer: Don McNeill

Price: $562,000

Location: King and Prince Villas

Seller: Katy Yeomans

Buyer: Mary Ella Stimpson

Price: $221,700

Location: Glynn Haven Estates

Seller: William Walker

Buyer: Robert Sams

Price: $105,000

Location: Country Club

Seller: Dart Investment Property

Buyer: Heavy Haulers Inc.

Price: $150,000

Location: Ocean Plaza