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Baby-killing trial update

The Brunswick News

MARIETTA – Dominique Lang, codefendant of accused baby killer De’Marquise Elkins, testified today he saw Elkins begin to count down from five with a gun pointed at 13-month-old Antonio Santiago before eventually firing three shots.

One of those shots may have killed the infant and another wounded his mother, Sherry West.

Defense lawyers for Elkins quickly tried to discredit his testimony on cross-examination by asking him about what they said were more than 11 lies he told police the day after the murder.

During direct examination by prosecutors, Lang, 15, detailed his activities the morning of March 21, beginning with when he woke up at his mothers house at 1019 Gordon St., Brunswick.

He left the house and walked to Glynn Villa Apartments, where he was seen on surveillance video walking with Elkins before 9 a.m.

Lang said after breaking apart for a short time, he met back with Elkins in the Old Town neighborhood of Brunswick. As the two walked together, Lang said, “(Elkins) asked me if I’d ever robbed someone before.” Lang added that Elkins told him he wanted to find a “Mexican” to rob.

As the pair turned north from Prince Street onto Ellis Street, Lang said they saw a woman pushing a stroller. Lang said Elkins confronted the woman and demanded her purse.

“He kept asking her to give him her purse,” Lang said in response to questions from Assistant District Attorney Liberty Stewart.

Elkins pulled from his pocket what Lang described as a small, black-brown pistol and struck West with it and demanded her purse again, Lang said. After West refused to give her purse again, Lang said Elkins tried to take it from her hands, as the two tugged back and forth. When she still refused to hand over the purse, Lang said Elkins pointed the gun at the stroller.

“She was still refusing, then he threatened the baby,” Lang told the jury.

With the gun pointed at Antonio’s face, Lang said Elkins began counting down from five before being stopped by West. But when she refused giving up the purse again, Lang said Elkins pointed the gun again and began counting down again. “He was like five. Four. Three. Two,” Lang testified.

West still refused and Elkins fired three shots, according to Lang, one at the ground, one at West’s leg. The last shot Lang testified he did not see, but before it was fired, he said he saw Elkins with the gun pointed at the stroller. Lang said he was standing 10 to 12 feet from Elkins and West.

Lang’s testimony tracked what he told police March 22, after he told investigators more than 11 lies.

Lang admitted during cross-examination by Assistant Public Defender Jonathan Lockwood that he had lied to police several times during the interview, but gave no reason.

Cross-examination was to resume at 1:30 p.m.

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