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Airport use falls during winter season

By NIKKI WILEY The Brunswick News

Ridership at the Brunswick Golden Isles Airport is stagnant, but the low numbers are nothing to worry about, an airport spokeswoman said.

Winter months can't keep up with the summer peak travel season, officials said.

Delta Air Lines' regional service, ExpressJet, requires a 75 percent average load factor to maintain flights between Brunswick and Atlanta.

"These are the lowest months," said Leslie Lampkin, spokeswoman for the airport, referring to the winter season. "Delta knows that. They know that winter is the off season for us and they hope to make it up during spring and summer."

It's not a cause for concern, Lampkin said.

Delta recently decided to increase the number of flights between Brunswick and Atlanta, raising it from three to seven days a week.

Occasionally only two flights were scheduled on Tuesdays and Saturdays previously.

"I think Delta is certainly OK with the ridership that we have right now," Lampkin said.

The airport wants to work toward the 75 percent load factor Delta prefers, though Lampkin said it's unlikely to happen during the off season.

Still, the airport is continuing to push deals and specials to remain competitive with Jacksonville International Airport.

"We do find that any time our price is lower or our price is very comparable to Jacksonville, the ridership goes up," Lampkin said.

It has been down in the past. In January 2012, Glynn County Airport Commission Executive Director Steve Brian said ridership during the previous month had decreased by 15 percent and was down to 58 percent.

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