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Airport board OKs lease terms

By NIKKI WILEY The Brunswick News

A hangar association says it still isn't satisfied with the terms of a lease it's been trying for years to negotiate with the Glynn County Airport Commission.

Happy Hangars Condominium Association, which leases space at McKinnon St. Simons Airport, says it has been in talks with the commission to renew its lease for almost four years without success.

To Airport Commissioner Bill Brunson, that's long enough. Brunson made a motion, approved unanimously at Wednesday's airport commission meeting, to present Happy Hangars with a lease by the end of October.

Brunson suggested the association pay a rate of 34 cents a square foot on 94,870-square-foot property. That reflects a 750 percent increase over the 4 cents a square foot Happy Hangars is paying now.

"We're not wealthy people," said Gwen Jurskis, president of the association. "We have people who love to fly. They're enthusiastic about it. They spend their time involved in aviation, but they're not rich."

Steve Brian, executive director of the Glynn County Airport Commission, said the lease terms are reasonable.

"Very simply, we have offered them a lease... and we haven't deviated from that lease," Brian said.

The association had previously agreed to paying a higher rate only on the square footage of the actual hangars, not the land surrounding them. That would cut the leased area in half, to 47,013 square feet.

Jurskis says the rate is not all that's unreasonable.

Happy Hangars and others who lease property at the airports on St. Simons Island and the mainland feel the new rules and regulations proposed by the airport commission are too burdensome.

"We actually own these hangars," Jurskis said. "We're leasing the property that they're on... but we bought the hangars and the very idea that they would have the authority to dictate that we can't have certain items in our hangars just seems very intrusive to me," Jurskis said.