Board of Education


Two vie for at-large education post

By MICHAEL HALL The Brunswick News

A retired U.S. Customs officer and a small business entrepreneur hope to unseat the sitting chairman of the Glynn County Board of Education in the July 31 Republican Primary election for the at-large post 2.

Republican Larry Lynch, a retired Customs officer, said he is running for the board because the education system is in serious trouble.

"We spend tons of money on new programs, new projects, new testing requirements, but the education system is decreasing in effectiveness as evidenced by the decreasing SAT scores," Lynch said.

He said his experience working in a governmental environment, growing up in his parent's retail store and serving in the military will contribute to his ability to be an effective board member.

"As a senior special agent with Customs, I conducted financial and fraud investigations and will put those skills to work for the Glynn County School System by looking into and questioning those expenditures and expenses which do not pass the smell test," Lynch said.

Lynch said his main goal would be to raise test scores, lower costs and allow educators to teach students how to think critically.

Lynch's opponent, Republican L.A. Chancey, said she has more than 12,000 reasons to run for the board of education: the students.

"Every single person in Glynn County whom administrates, attends, coaches, coordinates, counsels, teaches and holds dear the prospects of applying learning within schools all across Glynn County are reason enough to volunteer to serve on the Glynn County Board of Education," Chancey said.

If elected, Chancey would advocate streamlining the budgeting process and keeping the school system within its means.

"If it means the board sits for days, hashing out the budget, then we will do justice to the taxpayers within the budget," Chancey said.

She also will work to lower the drop out rate and raise graduation rates.

"We must rise to the occasion. Our mission is to succeed in educating our children within our means," Chancey said.

Both Lynch and Chancey will go up against Republican incumbent Jerry Mancil, current chairman of the school board.

Mancil is seeking re-election in hopes of continuing what he called the dedicated path the existing board has taken to improve student achievement, lower drop out rates and implement local stakeholder input.

"This will be accomplished by using the same consistent transparency and quality leadership we have shown over the last four years," Mancil said.

He said test scores and overall achievement have increased during his term while the board has been forced to deal with $18 million in lost revenue. Mancil also wants to eliminate budget issues that affect the ability to provide a quality public education.

"We must implement creative ideas that allow us to decrease our expenses without harming the classroom settings," Mancil said. "My leadership, experience, and children-first attitude will allow us more increasing gains over the next four years."

Early voting in the primary will begin Monday at the Glynn County Board of Elections office.