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Challenger seeks Glynn County Superior Court clerk post


The Brunswick News

Donita Taylor says she fixed Glynn County Juvenile Court and now wants to move on to Superior Court.

That's why she is running against incumbent Glynn County Clerk of Superior Court Lola Jamsky in the July 31 Republican primary.

One of her goals if elected is to update the technology used in Superior Court. She wants to make the court more accessible to lawyers and the public, and to establish avenues for electronic filing of court documents.

"As far as juvenile court goes, there was no technology (when I started). Now, it has the most up-to-date technology available," Taylor said. "I've been transmitting court documents electronically for seven years."

The technology includes a web-based justice data system, e-filing capability for the court and attorneys and a state-of-the-art courtroom recording system.

Taylor helped set up the Odyssey criminal justice data system currently used by the courts, the sheriff's office and police.

"I know how that system works, I know how it is supposed to work and I know how it can be better used," she said.

The recording system now used in juvenile court has also been a great help, Taylor said.

"I found that recording system, and we saved thousands over what (the court) had been looking at. The great thing about it is you can actually attach the digital recording to the case file, so a judge can sit there and listen to the whole case while he's reviewing the files," Taylor said.

Aside from making court records more accessible for those in the legal system, she wants to make them more available for the public.

"Those records are public records. For a fee, we can set it up to make those accessible (by computer) for the public," Taylor said.

The fee would be necessary to pay for the software, not for the actual documents, Taylor said.

While improved technology and accessibility are her main concerns, Taylor also wants to make sure clerks on the staff, in superior and magistrate courts, communicate openly and can help each other when there is need.

"One of my biggest things: I will cross-train all of the staff there, so even if someone is out there (will) always be someone there who is capable to help the public," Taylor said.

Another one of Taylor's goals as clerk is to attain a positive balance in the court's Child Support Receiver account.

Taylor, originally from Alma, worked for lawyers for many years and managed a large law firm in Miami. Before she was appointed by Juvenile Court Judge George Rountree in 2004, she was Rountree's secretary in his private law practice.

Unless an independent qualifies to run for clerk of superior court by Aug. 3, the race will be decided in the July primary.