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Musician's new passion: lamp making

By LINDSEY ADKISON The Brunswick News

Most people have seen Scott Bachman before - even if they didn't know it. The Brunswick native and professional drummer has been holding the beat in Glynn County for quite some time.

But while many people may know his face, fewer know about his rise to local stardom.

"In 1980, my best friend, Brian Keaney, brought home the tri-toms from Brunswick High, and he was practicing getting around those things for the marching band.

"You know, when you have a best friend, you basically do everything together. So I picked up things from him and was hooked from the start," he said.

"I later joined the Glynn Academy band in 1981, when Mike Hulett was the drum major. I was as green as can be, but had tons of spirit. Later, Mike and I were in a band together in Raleigh, N.C., and recorded an album with legendary producer John Keene of Athens."

Bachman continued to play and hone his musical skills while serving in the U.S. Navy.

"The practicing and learning is like a never ending journey. I like to relate this quote about martial arts to the world of drumming: 'Do you know Kung Fu? Reply - 'You never know it, you just keep learning it,'" he said.

Today, he's continuing his drum education with a a fan-favorite Glynn County band, Soul Gravy. "I get to use more advanced concepts with Soul Gravy and a greater degree of finesse," Bachman said.

While performing is the most visible role in the community, he also has another passion that's gaining buzz: He makes clever, unique and artsy lamps.

"I was working for Hilda Flack Interiors in Atlanta as a warehouse worker. I think they found out I used to build scale models growing up, with Brian again. They trained me on how to build and test their crystal table lamps from the stock parts that they still had," he said.

Since then, he's worked on every kind of lamp conceivable. Lights made from taxidermy, parking meters, golf clubs, shot guns and even plastic legs, a la "A Christmas Story." So it made sense that, after moving back and settling into the trendy SoGlow downtown area in Brunswick, he's start his own lamp business.

"I also did custom lamps out of wild stuff like tha,t too. That's what I'm doing now at SoGlow Lampworks. I have a blow torch lamp now with a flickering bulb coming out of the spout as a gag," he said.

As for the lamps, Bachman is always up for a good challenge.

"I tend to find antique items that are not that valuable on their own but would be really interesting as a lamp. If I find an item, I'll bounce the idea off my fiancee, Natalie Bishop. She sees it from a different side as being an art school graduate," he said.

"Most of the things I make, as far as custom stuff, are really difficult and tricky, so it shows off my skill and cuts down on the competition. My main goal is to make something different, challenging and fun to talk about and use."