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Love of animals leads to volunteerism

By MARTIN RAND III The Brunswick News

Every day Brunswick resident Caroline Wright feeds and provides water to three stray cats that frequent the area around her residence.

She does this twice a day, and while the cats don't belong to her, she's managed to get two of them spayed to help reduce the stray cat population in Glynn County.

Seeing that cats are fed and healthy is something that Wright has turned into a hobby.

"I just love the kitties," said Wright, who has four cats of her own.

It's the same love that has kept the 73-year-old volunteering at the Glynn County Animal Services the past two years.

Wright manages a variety of duties for the animal shelter, mainly dealing with the stray cats four days a week. She plays with them, feeds them -- sometimes buying cat food for the shelter with her own money -- cleans their cages and does laundry if it's needed.

"I do whatever needs to be done," said Wright. "Plus I like to hold a kitty, play with a kitty (and) brush a kitty because many of the cats that come really are not all that socialized.

"So being around people and being held (and) being brushed is a good thing and it helps them to become more sociable. And a sociable cat gets adopted."

Helping the cats and kittens find a home away from the shelter is one of Wright's main goals in helping animal services. Finding a home for the felines, however, can be more difficult than it is with their canine counterparts, says Wright.

That doesn't stop her from taking cats to various areas around Glynn County, the area she's called home for the last four years, to get one of them adopted and give someone something she's had for as long as she can remember.

That is a cat in the home -- at most two at a time.

"I was raised with cats and kittens," said Wright, who grew up in Michigan and moved to Massachettes where she lived for the next 40 years. "My dad liked cats. We had a dog once, but mostly we had cats. I don't ever remember not having a cat in the house."

When she got married, she thought her cat days were behind her, but then her daughters were born and all wanted kittens.

Now grown and living on their own, two of Wright's three daughters and three grandchildren all own cats.

"My kids love pets. My kids wanted a cat and we've had a cat ever since," said Wright. "It's a third and fourth generation thing now."

One of her daughters, who lives in Brunswick, sometimes volunteers at the Glynn County shelter with Wright, who has no plans to halt the time she spends with the cats there.

"I just think the facility needs people to come spend time there. Even if it's an hour a week, it's much appreciated," she said. "I'll volunteer there as long as I can."

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