Officials should work to fix dangerous roads

The situation on U.S. 17 North, from Yacht Road to Ga. 99, is not getting any better. Traffic continues to be an issue, especially when adding school buses traveling to and from C.B. Greer Elementary and Needwood Middle School to the already congested mix. The stop-and-go early morning and midafternoon routine of the buses, picking up or depositing students, only further aggravates traffic woes.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that it is one of the most dangerous segments of highway in Brunswick and the Golden Isles. Lives have been lost on the two-lane stretch that is becoming more and more dangerous as the population swells in north Glynn.

Unfortunately, improving conditions on U.S. 17 North is not in the cards anytime soon. It will cost millions of dollars to expand it to four lanes from Yacht Road to Ga. 99. That's millions of dollars the Georgia Department of Transportation just doesn't have and won't have in the foreseeable future.

What this means is that motorists will have to continue to be extra-cautious and careful when traveling on that particular portion of highway. Be prepared to stop at anytime and yield to school buses.

Stay off the cell phone and pay close attention to the road. A vehicle could pull out onto the highway from any of the dozens of veins that connect to this main artery at any point along the route.

Above all else, observe the speed limit. It's high enough for the congested road it is. Adding to the permitted velocity would only endanger yourself, your passengers and those in other vehicles.

In the meantime, we strongly recommend members of the Glynn County Commission and the community's delegation to the state continue to impress upon transportation officials that there's a safety issue here that needs to be addressed as promptly as possible.