Timing of food drive perfect to help needy

Helping your neighbor, your fellow man, will be as close as the mailbox this Saturday. That's when the letter carriers, the hard-working men and women many of us refer to as the "mailman," will take time out of their already busy delivery schedule to pick up whatever nonperishable food items are left at the mailbox.

Many residents received small plastic grocery bags donated by Publix for this very purpose earlier this week. The object is to put as many canned or other nonperishable foods in the bag as you can afford and place it on or at the mailbox prior to the delivery time that's usual for your street or neighborhood.

It's for more than just a worthy cause. It is for a necessary cause. What you give will be available to individuals and families who are forced to skimp on proper nourishment due to no fault of their own. They are victims of a still-recovering economy.

The timing of the food drive is perfect. Just recently, the Salvation Army - one of this community's most generous charitable organizations - sent out an SOS. The shelves of its food pantry were all but bare, and it implored individuals, churches, businesses and organizations to help in anyway they could, either with a donation of food or monetary gift.

A portion of what the letter carriers collect Saturday will go to the Salvation Army. Other community food banks also will receive a share.

Please don't turn your back on this annual Stamp Out Hunger drive. If the letter carriers are offering to pick it up and deliver it to the agencies that need it, the least the rest of us can do is contribute what we can.

In a community where volunteers at schools pack donated food in the bookbags of young children before dismissal on Fridays to make sure they have something healthy to eat on weekends, you know there is hunger out there.