Murder of an infant is affront to all humanity

A fair and impartial judicial system hinges on a number of critical factors. One is a jury of one's peers who can absorb and carefully weigh the evidence presented, separating fact from fiction, and render an impartial judgment, one based on the left or right tilt of the scales of justice.

Another critical factor is the presentation of evidence and testimony, especially by witnesses and those alleged to have done this or that.

They must be allowed to perform their civic duty or tell what they know without fear or interference from any individual, group or public official.

Hopefully this will not be a problem in Brunswick. Police have arrested a city commissioner, James Brooks, and charged him with getting between a police officer and a potential witness in the cold blooded killing of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago and the wounding of his mother, Sherry West.

Brooks should know better, especially in an ongoing investigation and especially as an elected official. He has enough legal problems without becoming entangled in any more. There's his indictment in Camden County, where a grand jury returned a true bill on charges of improper conduct.

In his defense, Brooks said he was unaware that the person he was with when charged this week was to be questioned by police in connection with the case. We will see. It's not like he doesn't have a past history of getting mixed up in police matters in Brunswick. He has before.

Brooks needs to keep his nose out of this investigation and let the police do their jobs.

The murder of any individual, regardless of race, religion or station in life, is a tragic loss to parents, siblings, relatives and friends.

It is violation of humankind and should never be tolerated by anyone ¬­¬­¬­¬­¬­- anyone - in a society based on law and order and in a land that claims the "pursuit of happiness" is the right of each individual.

The shooting of the infant is also tragic to family and friends of the individual or individuals charged in taking a life, it should be noted.

It is even more tragic when the victim is barely one-year old and the alleged offenders are only teenagers.