Everyone should help obtain auto company

All in.

Two small words, but two words that pack limitless strength and boundless can-do optimism for any community that believes in their power and presses them into service.

All in means just that -- everybody's in, and we do mean everybody -- citizens, businesses and all related organizations, civic groups, you name it. Everyone's in and moving constructively toward a common goal.

In this case, the goal is to find a headquarters somewhere in Brunswick and the Golden Isles suitable for Brunswick-based International Auto Logistics, a subsidiary of International Auto Processing, the first company on Colonel's Island to begin processing vehicles shipped to and from overseas.

As was announced this week, International Auto Logistics was awarded a $304 million contract by the U.S. Transportation Command. The company will earn it by storing, maintaining and transporting vehicles owned by military and U.S. State Department personnel serving their nation in foreign lands. It will handle -- it has been estimated -- somewhere in vicinity of 60,000 vehicles annually.

That is no small feat, to say the least. It requires, among so many other skills, a lot of strategic scheduling.

How the community can get involved in this "all-in" summons is to help International Auto Logistics identify a suitable headquarters here, somewhere in Glynn County. The company is already looking, but it's a search that includes Savannah and Jacksonville.

It would be great for Brunswick and the Golden Isles to keep those skilled 25 jobs here, in International Auto Processing's hometown.

We think we can, but only if everyone is all-in.