Community has many worthy of recognition

Great season, Knights of Frederica Academy. Great season indeed! You took yourselves, your fans and your school where no Frederica Knight had ever been before, to a state football championship.

It is not something that happens just by chance. Luck has little to do with it, too.

It is something that happens with dedicated players, coaches, parents, fans and, believe it if you will, a school committed to excellence and an unflagging can-do attitude sustained by patience, practice and a willingness to excel.

All of these qualities and more surfaced for the final time this football season last Saturday in the Class A Georgia Independent School Association championship game between Frederica Academy and Robert Toombs Christian Academy. Trailing at the start of the fourth quarter 30-7, the Knights never lost their focus or spirit. They overcame what would have been a crushing point deficit to most and bounced back to beat Robert Toombs 34-30 to win the championship in the private school's infant years of football. The 2,000 fans who witnessed this truly remarkable comeback are unlikely to witness anything like it again.

Congratulations to all. You will be a hard act to follow, but, rest assured, follow others will. It is a quality of an excellent school with an excellent program that fosters success, whether on the football field, in college or in life.

Kudos also to the Glynn Academy Red Terrors. The football team's hard work and extra effort advanced it to the playoffs and to an inspiring 8-4 winning season. It's a tough league. Getting anywhere in it is quite a feat.

Kudos to the city of Brunswick's new fire chief, Randy Mobley. With 30 years of fire-fighting behind him, he is more than capable of leading the city and his department safely through the years ahead.

Kudos also to all those who have volunteered and who are volunteering for tasks that will make life easier and a bit more cheerier for those in the community who could really use a smile or a helping hand.

These are angels who walk among us, these children and adults. They are our heart. They are what makes the community human.