It's time for the nation to get down to work

To President Barack Obama and to all winners of U.S. House and Senate seats, we say this: take this one more day to celebrate your victories and unwind. After today, though, we urge you - and we do so on behalf of a weakened nation - to get right to work and not give us two or four more years of the same political impotence.

This nation is still ailing and has more issues than anyone can - or wants to - count. America needs action, and it needs it today - not two or four years from now based on what you think might be the outcomes of those elections.

All the bickering the past four years has gotten us nowhere but deeper into a hole. We remain a rudderless ship, cast in a sea of pointless political infighting, pointless political one-upmanship and sheer political nonsense.

Voters of this great nation feel both Democrats and Republicans are at fault for the mess the country is in today. Nonbelievers need only to look at the results. The day after the election, President Obama remains in the White House, the U.S. Senate is still in Democratic hands and Republicans continue to rule the House of Representatives. All the arguing, all the finger-pointing, all the accusations and counter-accusations have changed nothing, nothing at all, for either political party.

Everything remains the same, including the problems that are haunting millions of individuals, young and old alike, and millions of families, large and small, white and black. Unemployment is still high. Even worse, with the loss of so many industries over the years, the bread and butter of any strong, vibrant economy, underemployment remains a major obstacle to achieving the American dream for a vast number of our fellow countrymen.

The United States can do better. We must, in fact.

It required the introduction of ideas of representatives of 13 colonies from different backgrounds and the solid cooperation of all to accomplish the history-making birth of this land of the free. Anything less would have doomed this experiment in democracy to failure.

Democrats and Republicans must follow that lead and do the same. It will take all to pull the nation out of the rut the two parties have put us in over the years. Have we forgotten that united we stand, divided we fall?

Instead of declaring yourself a lame duck Congress the next month or so and heading out to all points of the compass, to destinations outside the U.S., stay at home and focus your energy on your own nation. Having some ideas for going forward would be a great way to start 2013.