Brunswick needs good, quality leaders

Qualifying for one of three seats on the City Commission is just over a month away, and so far there seems to be little interest in the future of this port community. The only ones announcing to date are incumbents, and the status of one of them - James Brooks - is uncertain at this time. Brooks was suspended from office by Gov. Nathan Deal.

The terms of these three seats end this year. They include the post of Mayor Bryan Thompson, who is prohibited by city charter from running for a third consecutive term, and the North Ward seat held by Commissioner Cornell Harvey, who says he intends to run for mayor this year. The third office is Brooks' South Ward seat.

For Brunswick's sake, we hope the number of men and women interested in what happens to their city during the four years that will begin Jan. 1, 2014, increases significantly. While the community has its share of problems, there is a lot to work with here - more so than in most other cities, even larger ones.

All Brunswick needs is the right-minded individuals who want to make a difference in their city, people who are not in it only for themselves but for others - for every person and every business that calls this home. These are individuals who will properly use the assets of the community to ensure that all residents are able to pursue life, liberty and happiness. Achieve that and prosperity will follow for those who work for it.

Achieving this will include effective law enforcement, a law enforcement effort that has a strategy, a viable one, for getting thugs and hoodlums off the streets. Our small community has become a shooting gallery of late, or so it seems. Gangs have been allowed to take root in the community and police are only just now trying to weed them out.

Good, quality leadership will make sure they are plucked from the streets.

Help your city. Consider running for office, even if just for four years.

Qualifying begins 8:30 a.m. Aug. 26 and closes at 4:30 p.m. Aug. 30 at the Glynn County Board of Elections office.