Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney



The Brunswick News

Most races in the July 31 primaries and special elections have been tame compared to the race for the Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney's Office.

The Republican primary pits incumbent District Attorney Jackie Johnson against Jonathan Miller, a former employee of the office who resigned in March after Johnson questioned him about his actions in two cases.

One case involved an aggravated stalking defendant who was released without giving his victim notice. The other involved Miller allegedly trying to allow a sex offender to live near a church in Camden County. Miller has denied wrong-doing in both cases.

Johnson has not held a full term because she was appointed in 2010 by former Gov. Sonny Perdue after Stephen Kelley was robed as a superior court judge.

Johnson has touted a balanced budget and efficiency changes she has brought to the office over the last two years. She has said she will continue to move cases through the court and work to prioritize serious crimes.

Miller has said Johnson stripped the office of experienced attorneys, farming contract work out to Atlanta lawyers, and mishandled a case involving two Glynn County police officers who fatally shot a woman in 2010 after she led them on a 30-minute, low-speed chase through Glynn County.

Miller has said he would work to bring experienced attorneys back to the office and present an indictment to a grand jury on the officers if elected.