House of Representatives



District 167

Jeff Chapman

Age:  53

Residence: Brunswick

In Glynn County: 53 years

Occupation:  Businessman

Relationship status: Married,  two children, one grandchild

Veteran: Georgia Air National Guard      

Education: High school, Glynn Academy

Church or civic memberships: Lakeside United Methodist Church; Exchange Club of Brunswick;  National Rifle Association

Achievements: Georgia Right to Life; National Rifle Association A+ rating; Legislator of the Year Award from Association for Retarded Citizens of Georgia (ARC); Georgia Trend Magazine's 100 Most Influential Georgians; Republican Party "Man of the People" Award

What is the No. 1 issue facing the office you are seeking and how do you propose to resolve that issue?

Job growth is the key issue of the day.

In order to help grow jobs, we must have an economic environment that is friendly to business and fair at the same time. The best way to accomplish these twin goals is to ensure that the free market system functions smoothly.

Economic incentives of one type or another can be used to help achieve these goals, but we must avoid handing out incentives that hinder, if not cripple, real economic growth and, at the same time, smother competition by creating an uneven playing field. Doling out exclusive rights to any one individual or company disrespects free enterprise values, disadvantages other companies and invites further abuse of public trust.

Real economic growth and sustainability flow naturally from a free market system that has not been "gamed" by those who would use the power of government to socialize their costs, minimize their risk and pocket ill-gained profits. We must ensure that any incentives provided for economic growth produce the intended results. If we don't we will end up throwing away taxpayer dollars for the benefit of a few and limit job creation in the process.

When considering the merit of legislation or even the action of our local Economic Development Authority, we must ask: What economic growth will allegedly occur as a result of this action; how will it be measured; who will benefit from it; and most importantly, who will pay and how much?

 What makes you the best qualified candidate for office?

My unwavering commitment to honor the public trust and champion the rights of every citizen -- even at the risk of being criticized by the power-brokers at the Capitol -- is what makes me the best qualified candidate for the office, in my opinion. I have a hard-earned reputation for putting the public interest ahead of all other concerns as both a state Senator and a county commissioner, and I'll continue to do so if elected to the state House of Representatives.

Of course, many candidates for elected office will speak of their commitment to public service, but I have, in fact, walked the talk and have the "bruises" to show for it. While I've been honored to receive statewide recognition and various awards for my public service, the greatest honor comes from simply serving the citizens who've placed their trust in me as their elected representative.

John Tuten

Age: 68

Residence: Brunswick

In Glynn County: 68 years, excluding college and military service.

Occupation: Architect

Relationship status: Married, two children, four grandchildren.

Veteran: Vietnam, United States Marines Corps

Education: Bachelor of business administration, University of Georgia; bachelor of architecture, Georgia Tech

Church and civic memberships: Elder First Presbyterian Church of Brunswick; director Brunswick Rotary Club, director; YMCA of Coastal Georgia, Golden Isles Branch; board of YWCA Foundation; former trustee of College of Coastal Georgia

Achievements: Bronze Star; purple heart; 2006 Marguerite Williams Award for Outstanding Achievement in Preservation; 2006 Georgia Preservation Award for Excellence in Restoration, Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation; 2008 Preservation Award, Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation

What is the No. 1 issue facing the office you are seeking and how do you propose to resolve that issue?

The No. 1 issue facing Southeast Georgia is economic development which will provide meaningful private sector jobs.

These are the toughest economic times in my lifetime as demonstrated by empty storefronts, never-ending foreclosures and unemployment statistics. We have the infrastructure necessary to compete effectively for new business and industry and to expand existing business and industry. We are blessed with great port facilities, an airport with an 8,000-foot runway, Interstate 95, rail facilities, the College of Coastal Georgia, the Golden Isles Career Academy, Altamaha Technical College, a willing work force and a location blessed with wonderful recreational and natural resources.

I will work diligently to support and improve our schools. I will listen to parents, teachers and administrators and use their input as the basis of decisions. More local control and less bureaucracy in Washington and Atlanta can improve public education. I will work with area representatives and the General Assembly to restore funding of the New Altamaha Technical Campus and to insure proper funding of the College of Coastal Georgia and K-12 education.

I will work with citizens, local officials, state officials and representatives of business and industry to build consensus. We must build bridges into Long, McIntosh and Glynn counties, not burn them.

Jobs and economic development are our No. 1 issue. We have great resources and great people in District 167. We can and will bring jobs and economic development by developing and focusing our economic, educational and human resources to achieve success.

What makes you the best qualified candidate for office?

I think I am the best candidate because I know that teamwork is the only way to bring jobs and economic development to our district.

My teamwork skills were developed by my father's example and experiences in youth and school sports and sharpened by Marine Corps training and service.

Effectiveness in my work depends upon teamwork and building consensus. Our projects are based on broad community input, and as your representative, I will always listen to your concerns. I will stand firm for our conservative values, but I can disagree without being disagreeable. I will be a citizen legislator, not a professional politician. I seek the office from a perspective of service and duty to Southeast Georgia, and I have no statewide political ambitions.


District 180

Jason C. Spencer

Age: 37

Residence: Woodbine

In Camden County: 7.5 years

Occupation: Physicians assistant/family practice and emergency medicine

Relationship status: Married, two children

Education:  Graduate of the University of Georgia, BS Ed, master's degree, physician assistant studies, University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Church or civic memberships: Agape Christian Fellowship, St. Marys; Georgia Association of Physician Assistants; AED Alliance; Camden Medical Society; National Rifle Association, lifetime member.  

Achievements: Graduated magna cum laude; Camden County High National Honors Society Honorary Award 2011; HOPE Scholarship  recipient

What is the No. 1 issue facing the office you are seeking and how do you propose to resolve that issue?  

Attracting good jobs and investing more dollars into technical education. Southeast and Coastal Georgia have a great opportunity to market our assets to national and international markets.

As someone who is committed in helping to push for a third coastal port in Georgia, I believe it is important to present this concept to interested parties across the state, country and to international markets. I believe a third coastal port for Georgia can come to a reality and will ultimately lead to good paying jobs for Southeast Georgia.

Many students are steered toward getting a college degree; however, not every student is cut out to go to college. Georgia spends about 3.5 percent of its total education budget on technical education. I am committed to advocating that Georgia put more of our education dollars into bolstering our technical education system. Georgia has manufacturing and skilled labor positions all throughout this state that are going unfilled because we don't have the skilled labor to fill them. I want to change that. Employers are looking outside the state to fill these positions. I want to give Georgians these jobs, and we must be committed to training people to fill them. Investing more dollars into our technical system will attract more industry to this part of the state. Also, bringing a technical division to Camden County will serve to train students from this area.

What makes you the best qualified candidate for office?    

   I bring experience to this office. I have two years of experience of navigating through the state bureaucracy. It is important to "learn the lay of the land" in Atlanta because this is helpful in serving your constituents when they are having problems with various issues that state government has to address. I have established relationships within state government and making those connections serves constituents well. Experience matters, and that is what I bring to the voter for consideration.

In addition, I bring a firm understanding of how a constitutionally limited government should work on behalf of the citizens and not the special interest groups. Now more than ever it is important that government stays within the confines of its governing documents. I am committed to limiting the size of government as directed by the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the state of Georgia.

Adam Jacobson

Age: 34

Residence: Woodbine

In Camden County: 18 years

Relationship status: Married

Education: bachelor's degree, Valdosta State University

Church or civic memberships: Waycross Hebrew Center; Camden County Rotary Club; Camden County Chamber of Commerce; Waycross Chamber of Commerce; Camden County Republican Party

What is the No. 1 issue facing the office you are seeking and how do you propose to resolve that issue?  

I believe the No. 1 problem facing our district is ineffective representation we currently have at the Capitol.

In the last two years we've seen our county carved up through redistricting, our technical college funding pulled at the last minute and our seniors in St. Marys left out of tax breaks enjoyed by others in the community.

I'm committed to changing the perception of politics in Camden County and the rest of District 180 when I get to Atlanta. I believe that someone who is a bridge builder and not a bridge burner can make sure that ineffective representation will no longer be a problem for District 180, and the concerns of this district will once again be addressed. It's time we had someone representing us in Atlanta without a personal agenda.

I intend to make sure we have the funding for our technical college, and the seniors of St. Marys won't be left out. I will be sure that the needs of Charlton and Ware counties are also tended to as well. It's imperative that this district not suffer two more years of ineffective representation.

What makes you the best qualified candidate for office?  

As a business owner who's seen the effects of this economy, I know what it's like to work within a tight budget.

I also have the unique opportunity to represent both the place I was born, Waycross, and the place I live and own a business, Camden County, with this newly drawn district.

I believe it's important that this district have someone with real life experience in the business world and can also truly represent the entire district at the Capitol. I've spent the last 11 years as a business owner and been entrenched in the community in such activities as Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, and supported numerous school causes ranging from Camden County Wildcat football to the Advanced Placement program at the high school.

I believe that I am the best candidate for this office and I plan to be a real representative for this district.