US Congress



District 1

Nathan C. Russo

Age: 68

Residence: St. Simons Island

In Glynn County: 23 years

Occupation: Retired

Relationship status: Single

Veteran: U.S. Navy

Education: Three years of college

Church or civic memberships: St. William Catholic Church; Optimist Club

What is the No. 1 issue facing the office you are seeking and how do you propose to resolve that issue?

The No. 1 issue I believe facing Congress in 2012 will be getting America back to work. We will need to pass legislation that will provide funds to improve the infrastructure of the country from building and reconditioning roads and bridges, to providing funds for crumbling schools and providing low-cost housing for seniors and the working poor.

In addition, the government must provide incentives to private industry to develop new manufacturing facilities through tax credits, low-cost loans and loan guarantee programs. We should try to stimulate the kind of manufacturing that significantly involves robotics thus keeping our costs down and competitive with the rest of the world.

One such example would be the manufacture of small motorbikes where the frames could be almost entirely made robotically. We could export these small motorbikes all over the world similar to what the Italian company Piaggio does now.

We must also provide incentives for American multi-national companies to return a significant amount of their foreign profits to America for reinvestment. The incentive would be a 1 percent repatriation tax coupled with other financial incentives, again to develop new manufacturing facilities in our country. If these corporations do not participate voluntarily with the incentives offered, then there should be a tax greater than 1 percent on their foreign profits. The security of being an American company cannot be free. And we cannot allow American corporations to move their headquarters off-shore just to avoid paying taxes.

What makes you the best qualified candidate for office?

I believe I am the best qualified candidate for Congress for many reasons. Although having owned and operated a business helped me acquire organizational and budgetary skills, it cannot by itself give you all the tools necessary to make policy decisions in Congress. History has a habit of repeating itself, so knowing something about the historic experiences of our country -- whether they be economic, military or something else -- will be very helpful in my making decisions on policy in Congress.

Living in foreign countries for a period of time, which I have done, can be very helpful. You learn how other countries solve similar problems.

And finally, you need people in Congress today who are willing to go that extra mile to reach across party lines to get things done.

Sometimes you have to say that the needs of the people are more important than the needs of your party. I believe that these experiences and beliefs make me the best Democratic candidate for Congress.

Lesli Messinger

Age: 68

Residence: Chatham County

Occupation: Businesswoman

Did not respond to questionnaire.


U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston is unopposed in the Republican primary.