County leaders must hold all costs down

The budget submitted by the office of newly elected Glynn County Sheriff Neal Jump is on today's county commission work session agenda. Commissioners want to know why the sheriff needs $1 million more to run the department in the new fiscal year than what it's costing taxpayers this fiscal year.

In a recent news article, Undersheriff Ron Corbett touched upon some of the highlights of the new budget, which covers the 12 months beginning July 1 of this year to June 30, 2014. During that time, Corbett explained, the sheriff will transfer inmates from the downtown location to the new location just miles north on U.S. 341. Also during that time, Corbett went on to say, Sheriff Jump will find himself in the position of having to operate - and provide the manpower for - two detention centers and their inmate populations.

These are not "good" guys who require very little supervision. For the most part, they are "bad" guys who require a lot of supervision.

Staffing the new, larger jail also will necessitate the hiring and training of more detention officers, Undersheriff Corbett said.

Certainly Sheriff Jump knows better what will be needed to run his department than county commissioners. He also will be the one to answer to the county and to constituents if something goes wrong during the transfer of inmates and during the early days of operation of the new detention center. It is his reputation, and likely new career, that will be on the line - that along with the safety of the public and the inmates themselves.

At the same time, however, it would be the community's wish that Sheriff Jump keep the taxpayers in mind. Already property owners are being warned the board of education will likely have to increase the millage rate and the money paid for public school education. County commissioners are hinting of having to do the same, and that was before getting the sheriff's department budget with a $1 million increase.

Please do what you can to hold down costs. This goes for the sheriff's department and all departments of county government, as well as the board of education.