Investment worthwhile for community leaders

If there is anything this community could use more of, its partnerships -- partnerships between governments, the private sector and community in general. It makes carrying the load easier, lighter, and, more often than not, more efficient and worthwhile.

Just recently, for example, the Glynn County Board of Education announced that College of Coastal Georgia will open its facilities to the school system's night high school program. Up until now, classes in the nontraditional diploma track program have been held at Golden Isles Career Academy. That has posed somewhat of a transportation problem to young teens who might otherwise go down in the books as dropouts.

Moving the program to the college might even ensure its longevity by allowing the school system to keep costs down. And saving dollars in this day and time, any dollars, can be the difference between a shortened school year or regular school year, or more furlough days versus fewer furlough days for educators.

It is the college's way of advancing and maintaining a leadership role in education. It is as deeply committed as the school system to the success of the region. It has shown us that time and again.

The community has good leadership in place right now, both in local government and on the many boards and committees that drive Brunswick and the Golden Isles. So many positive gains have been made in just these past few months. There have been several giant leaps forward.

Residents can attribute that to what are sometimes unstated partnerships -- a willingness to work together for the betterment of all, from the College of Coastal Georgia Foundation to the Glynn County Commission, Glynn County Board of Education and Marshes of Glynn Libraries.

Let's keep working together.