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Schools spend week thanking teachers

By SARAH LUNDGREN The Brunswick News

Today is a special day for 840 of Glynn County's most influential people - the community's public school educators.

It is National Teacher Day, the beginning of National Teacher Appreciation Week, which is celebrated across the nation.

A former teacher, Glynn County School System Superintendent Howard Mann knows just how important educators are and the value of what they teach in the classroom.

"These are lifelong lessons these children are learning in these classrooms," he said.

"I still have vivid memories in my mind of students in my classroom who I've watched grow, mature and become citizens of this community."

Having watched generations of students go through the school system, Mann has seen first-hand the profound effect teachers have had on children.

He encourages parents, students and other relatives to take the time to thank a teacher.

"Our teachers are our mainstay in our school system. They develop strong relationships with their children and are continuing to have an effective impact on their lives both in their classroom and with building relationships outside of it," he said.

National Teacher Appreciation Week was originally founded by the National Parent Teacher Association to help strengthen the respect and support for teachers.

Some schools, such as Goodyear Elementary and Glynn Middle, will present small treats to their teachers every day.

At Goodyear, teachers can look forward to lunch events and candy while the Glynn Middle Student Council is providing treats like popcorn.

Some teachers, like those at Needwood Middle, will receive a daily gift of classroom supplies.

All of the Glynn County schools have come up with creative ways to say thank you.

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