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Outreach's work mends city pride

By MARTIN RAND III The Brunswick News

As volunteers were finishing the painting around the exterior window trim of his house, Elijah Thompson couldn't do anthing else but stare at the outside of his home and smile at the remodeling job.

In his 28 years of living at the residence on Martin Luther King Boulevard, Thompsons says he's never seen it look better.

"It almost looks like a new house," said Thompson. "It's a real improvement and I appreciate the job the (World Changers) are doing for me."

After two weeks of volunteer work that brought well over 400 students with tool belts into the community, the World Changers are leaving a lot of people, like Thompson, in awe of their work.

With a total of 34 different projects completed, they've helped restore some pride in the community, said Shauntae Walker, program manager for Community Development, which compiles a list of tasks to be completed.

"We fund these projects through our Community Development Block Grant," said Walker. "It has really been a successful program for the city (of Brunswick)."

The program does not supply funds directly to the World Changers. It does, however, purchase the materials necessary to get the projects done.

This eight-year partnership between the two has seen 328 projects get done for low to moderate income families.

Even as the World Changers are finishing up this year's work, people are asking for assistance. Walker says she's received 45 applications this week from residents wanting help next summer.

The World Changers are scheduled to return to Brunswick next July.

For now Peter Copeland, a coordinator for World Changers, is sitting back and absorbing what he and everyone associated with the organization achieved this summer.

"The World Changers group has definitely accomplished everything the city wanted us to accomplish," said Copeland. "We made a difference."

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