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Crime Scene, 1.18

Among reports filed with police:


* 3800 block of Darien Highway, Glynn County: A man reported someone entered his vehicle and stole checks Sunday. The vehicle had not been locked, and there was no sign of damage to gain entry.

* Altama Village Drive, Glynn County: A man reported someone stole his scooter while he was inside a store Saturday. He said he was inside the store for about 35 minutes, and when he came back outside, the scooter was gone. He said the owner of the scooter gave him permission to use it. It was valued at $650.

* A-Nails at 111 Altama Connector, Glynn County: A man reported a female suspect failed to pay for having a manicure Saturday. He said after he was done with the female's nails, she handed him a debit card and left the store. When he attempted to run the card it was declined because it had expired. It was determined the suspect was not the owner of the card. The owner of the card told police she allowed her sister to use the card two weeks prior to the incident. She said the account had been closed, because there was no money in it. The responding officer made contact with the suspect, who agreed to meet with him and discuss the incident. No arrests were made.

Problem with persons

* 100 block of Pierce Road, Glynn County: A woman reported a female suspect struck a man multiple times with her hands Sunday. The suspect was arrested and charged with simple battery.


* 400 block of Carteret Road, Glynn County: A woman told police someone stole property from her house Saturday. She said a TV, a laptop computer, an MP3 player and a clock radio were missing. When she arrived at the house, she noticed the door had been left open. The stolen items were valued at $2,000.

--Nick Nichols

The Brunswick News